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New Client - £60.00

For new patients only

Welcoming you into our practice involves a sit down where we ask a variety of questions to discover core issues. Our next step is to establish your goals and then move on to your assessment.
To determine the cause of the problem, your initial consultation will include:
+ A Thorough health history
+ Full chiropractic examination
+ Spinal analysis
+ Digital Posture Body screen
Life Balance Chiropractors will identify the root cause of any pain, dysfunction, or problem areas holding you back from better posture, improved movement and living your life pain free.
*If clinically necessary we perform Motion moving study digital X-rays. (*X-rays, if required, not included in this cost).

**Online Booking is only available for initial consultations. If you have been visiting us regularly please contact the centre or email us poole@lifebalancechiropractic.co.uk to ensure we can get you booked in based on your individual requirements.

Report of Findings

This is ONLY available to new clients who had had their initial consultation.
Our Life Balance Chiropractors will review all your history and data and discuss with you what's wrong, why its happening, the best course of action to fix your problem, how long it is likely to take and what it will cost.

Health Accelerator Masterclass - £0.00

Get Well Faster Stay Well Longer

External X-rays - £65.00

External x-ray referral service
Our digital x-rays service is available to other practitioners wanting quick and efficient access to digital radiology. Only eligible practitioners can refer for x-rays, and these are normally limited to chiropractors, osteopaths, GP's and other medical professionals. Our equipment is modern digital technology providing quality images with minimal exposure to the public.

We have a set protocol to accept your referral and to make this happen please do contact poole@lifebalancechiropractic.co.uk to register your interest in referring to our clinics. Or call 01202 684859 to confirm.

Fees: £65 regional or spinal series (2-5 films)

26 Parkstone Road, Poole. BH15 2PG

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